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(2 hrs$300+

Classic lashes are the perfect way to enhance natural lashes. With the classic technique, one individual lash is applied to one natural lash to create a set of longer and thicker lashes. Depending on the desired look, there are a variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses to choose from.

1 Week Classic Fill  (45 min)  $65+

2 Week Classic Fill  (60 min)  $88+

3 week Classic Fill  (75 min)  $105+

Extended Classic Fill  (90 min)  $130+


(2 hrs)  $300

This look is created using very narrow, almost closed volume fans. The overall effect is somewhat similar to classic lashes but the difference is that wet look lashes look thicker and bolder.

1 Week Wet/Mascara Look Fill (45 min) $65

2 Week Wet/Mascara Look Fill (60 min) $88

3 Week Wet/Mascara Look Fill (75 min) $105

Extended Wet/Mascara Look Fill (90 min) $130


(2 hrs 15 min) $325+

Volume eyelash extensions vary from the natural look which adds more length than volume. Volume lashes instead give a fuller, thicker lash look. The lashes range from 2D-6D – meaning 2 fake lashes to 6 fake lashes per one natural lash.

1 Week Volume Fill  (45 min)  $75+

2 Week Volume Fill  (60 min)  $100+

3 week Volume Fill  (75 min)  $112+

Extended Volume Fill  (90 min)  $130+


(3 hrs) $425+

Mega Volume method is the lightest lash to make a fan with up to 16-20 lash extensions. Bold and beautiful lashes which definitely lives up to its “Mega” name, and creates a super full and glamorous look.

1 Week Volume Fill  (45 min)  $87+

2 Week Volume Fill  (60 min)  $113+

3 week Volume Fill  (75 min)  $125+

Extended Volume Fill  (90 min)  $145+

Beam Light UV Eyelash Extensions
  • For a 1 week fill- there must be at least 80% of lashes remaining.

  • For a 2 week fill- there must be at least 60% of lashes remaining.

  • For a 3 week fill- there must be at least 40% of lashes remaining.

  • Anything less is considered a full set and will be charged accordingly.


If you are new and coming from another salon/lash stylist, please book a *FOREIGN FILL. 

(A *FOREIGN FILL is for clients who come to appointments with work from another artist, the work must be properly done. In the event a you arrive and the extensions are: improperly applied, too long for your natural lashes, or are too overgrown, or hindering lash health in any way, you will be advised by your artist that a removal and new full set is recommended. It is at your service  provider's discretion to follow through with the transfer fill or use the right to refuse service until a removal has been done.)

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