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  • When booking your appointment- DO NOT brush your teeth for at least 4 HOURS prior to your whitening appointment. Brushing before your whitening appointment can cause brush abrasion and lead to gum irritation.

  • After your whitening appointment, you cannot eat or drink for 2 HOURS after your whitening appointment, except water. If you need to eat, do so prior to your whitening appointment.

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  • Drinking water for the next 2 HOURS will decrease possible sensitivity. Avoid any other food or beverages for the next 2 HOURS.

  • DO NOT smoke or chew tobacco for the next 2 HOURS.

  • AVOID any dark colored food or beverages for at least 24 HOURS.

  • NO: coffee, tea, soda, cool-aid, red wine, tomato sauce, red meat, dark colored vegetables, or anything with heavy color for at least 24 HOURS.

  • YES: Water, white wine, white chicken, pork, turkey, noodles, white sauce, white cheese, potatoes etc. after 2 HOURS.

  • NEXT 48 HOURS: Brush very gently with soft toothbrush, DO NOT brush gums, avoid using a whitening or baking soda toothpaste.

  • Any sensitivity is typically goes away within 24 HOURS. You may choose to purchase the DaVinci Desensitizing Gel or take a mild pain reliever.

  • Use your home maintenance kit and/or whitening pen to help maintain your smile! Maintenance whitening appointments can be done every 3-6 MONTHS depending on your type of teeth and your lifestyle. 

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